Current State of Travel

This blog has been rather dormant as the world continues to be gripped by COVID-19 as there aren’t many insightful things I can express regarding travel other than disappointment. Obviously there are more serious problems in the world right and we are all doing our part to help but traveling for me like many others is a great adventure. Planning and thoughts of going somewhere exiting is what gets us through the day to day monotony of life.

My wife and I were supposed to travel to Maui tomorrow but obviously those plans were cancelled. We have rebooked for August with the minimal hope that things will calm down by then.

I just thought I would share this bit of irony I found while cleaning out my garage this weekend. It’s an old sweatshirt repurposed as a rag that has obviously seen better days. A fitting analogy to our summer plans which have gone through the ringer and completely turned upside down.

While we all cope with this unprecedented situation apart yet together I remain confident that travel will one day return to glory. In the meantime the memories of past and dreams of future trips can keep us going.

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