Lounge Review- The Club at BUF

In 2018, Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) was rated the best medium size airport by JD Power. After being a frequent traveler out of BUF for many years I couldn’t agree with the ranking more. The super quick TSA lines, convenient parking, easily navigable concourse and flights to most major hubs on the eastern half of the US makes BUF one of my favorite airports to fly out of. After the US Airways Club vacated in 2015 the only thing that it was missing was a lounge… until now.

In recent years, The Club network of airline lounges are moving into many large and medium size airports. The Club is one of the most accessible lounges out there since you are granted free admission with a Priority Pass membership. Unlike other airline lounges contracted with Priority Pass there are almost no restrictions to entry during peak times when the airlines need to serve their own customers first. Needless to say, I was excited when I learned BUF would be the next The Club location.

The_Club _Map_09-2019
The Club US locations as of October 2019


The Club is located in the space of the former US Airways Club between Gates 6 and 7. This location is centrally located directly across from the TSA Precheck line exit so it must be passed prior to walking to any gate.

2019-10-14 05_34_11-Presentation1 - PowerPoint.png

Seating and Decor

There are several seating areas in the relatively small club. Some nice seats by the windows offer good views of the main runway. There is a business area with a PC and printer plus several work desks available. At the far end of the seating areas there is also a dark and quiet relaxation area. There were bathrooms inside the lounge but no showers available. The walls throughout had photos of local landmarks which complimented the decor nicely.

Food and Drink

At the west end of the lounge was a nicely apportioned full service bar.


I was on an early flight so unfortunately I wasn’t able to sample any of the drinks since the bar didn’t open until 8AM. It was still a nice area to grab a drink at the appropriate hour.


Directly behind the bar was the hot and cold food areas complete with the ever important cappuccino machine.

Hot food for breakfast consisted of powdered eggs, potatoes and oatmeal. I snapped a photo just before they were severed at 4:30AM. They were comparable to airline lounges or a free hotel breakfast bar.

Rounding out the breakfast offerings were bagels/English Muffins, parfait, melons and some PB&J concoction. All were pretty standard but was plenty to fill you up on an early morning.

Of course there was also the signature jar of gummy bears.


Overall Impression

The Club is a welcome addition to BUF and will definitely be a stop anytime I fly out. While Tim Hortons in the nearby food court offers some favorite choices for breakfast, the selection at The Club isn’t bad for being free. It’s also a nice place to relax before your flight in an airport that otherwise offers little other secluded options. The private relaxation room within is also a great respite from even the lounge itself.

It is very nice to see a third party lounge like this in an airport the size of BUF that isn’t large enough to support something like a Centurion or specific airline lounge. it is a welcome addition that will should be a frequent stop for Priority Pass members departing from BUF. In 2019 BUF dropped 2 spots on the JD Power airport rankings. Hopefully with the addition of The Club it will be enough to jump it back up to #1.

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