Get Bumped For $1,000? Don’t Mind If I Do

I’m currently on my way to LAS via DEN when I hear those enticing words over the PA system while in line to board, “out flight is oversold and if your travel plans are flexible, we are looking for volunteers.” Since for years whenever I heard those words my plans were undoubtedly NOT flexible I learned to ignore those words. It took a few seconds before I realized I had an opportunity and I quickly darted out of line. I go up to the gate agent and proudly say:

She graciously accepts my offer and is able to provide me $1,000 travel voucher and alternative arrangements to LAS. It comes with a connection in SFO and gets me into LAS at 11PM local time. To me it was well worth it. Plus I’ll be able to check off another Centurion Lounge off my list with the one at SFO.


Original route in red
Diversion in blue
750 miles + 6 additional hours = $1,000


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